KCFC Constitution

This is the Constitution of Kikis Court Fan Club (KCFC), a Ghana-based Social Group formed to serve as a platform for social networking and community development. It was put together and adopted by the membership of the the Club.


We the members of Kikis Court Fun Club; headquartered in Hohoe in the Volta Region of Ghana, herein called the KCFC members, having; Recognized the need to constitute ourselves into an Association hereinafter referred to as “KCFC”




In exercise of our fundamental human rights of association and other rights and freedom enshrined in the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana




In a spirit of friendship and peace with all Ghanaians and in solemn declaration and affirmation of our commitments to the Rule of Law as the pivot and key to the wellbeing and survival of any civilized society or organized grouping of persons such as KCFC




In solemn pledge and commitment to do hereby ENACT, UPHOLD, ADOPT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION.

Article 1 - Name

The organization shall be known as “Kikis Court Fan Club” hereinafter referred to as KCFC.

Article 2 – Aims and Objectives

KCFC shall be committed to:


  1. Promotion of Healthy living through regular keep fit activities among members of the club as well as the Hohoe fraternity as a whole – KIKIS KEEPFIT CLUB
  2. Organize regular networking events aimed at promoting the spirit of solidarity as well as the personal development of members.
  3. Engage in Community Responsibility activities as and when necessary
  4. Avail the services and facilities of Kikis Court to the members of the Club at discounted rates and prices through the KIKIS LOYALTY PROGRAM (T&C Applies).

Article 3 – Membership

  1. Membership of KCFC is by recommendation by an existing member and is opened to all adults (per the constitution of the Republic of Ghana), living anywhere on the face of the earth interested in supporting the club and abiding by its rules and regulations.
  2. Every member is under obligation to pay dues as shall be determined by the Executive from time to time.



Members, if they so wish, can sign on to the KIKIS COURT LOYALTY PROGRAM to enjoy enhanced benefits when they patronize KIKIS COURT.  Signing on to the Loyalty Program is purely voluntary and is not a determinant of who is a member of KCFC or otherwise.

Article 4 – Organization

  1. KCFC shall be incorporated under the law of Ghana as KIKIS COURT FAN CLUB.
  2. There shall be a BOARD OF DIRECTORS hereinafter referred to as THE BOARD which shall be the highest decision-making body of KCFC.
  3. There shall be an EXECUTIVE COMMITEE hereinafter referred to as The Executive, which shall be responsible to the MEMBERS with the Board having an OVERSIGHT RESPONSIBILITY.
  4. There shall be bi-annual elections to choose members of The Executive, who shall report to The Board every four month.

Article 5 – Meetings

  1. There shall be at least two [2] general meetings of the Association in one year, the last of which shall be designated the Annual General Meeting [AGM] and shall be held at KIKIS COURT every last Saturday of December where The Executive shall present a full brief of the State of Affairs of KCFC.
  2. General meetings shall be duly summoned by The Executive and due notice shall be given either in writing or publication through its social media platform(s) at least seven [7] clear days before the date of the meeting.
  3. Emergency meetings may however be called by The Executive during exigencies.
  4. The quorum for any meeting of KCFC shall be formed by (two-third) 2/3 of members present in addition to 3 EXECUTIVES present.
  5. The EXECUTIVE president/chairman of KCFC shall chair all meetings. In the absent of the president, the vice president/chair shall preside over meetings.

Article 6 - The Board Of Directors

  1. There shall be a statutory Board of Directors made up of the CEO of Kikis Court, Founder of KCFC and the President of the Executive Committee.
  2. The Board shall have a Secretary who won’t be a voting member of the Board
  3. The Board shall be privy to and approve or decline all decisions taken at the executive level.
  4. The quorum for Board meetings shall be all 3 members unless a member is indisposed at which time, he or she shall appoint a proxy to stand in.
  5. The Board Shall sit at least once (1) a year to deliberate on matters brought before it.

Article 7 – Executive Committee

  1. The Founder of KCFC shall be an Ex-Officio Member of the Executive Committee for life.
  2. There shall be an elected Executive Committee (EC) of KCFC comprising The Chairperson/President, Vice Chairperson/President, Secretary, Treasurer/Financial Secretary, organizer & Public Relation Officer who shall serve (three) 3 terms made up of 2 years each and will become ineligible to contest upon serving the3rd term.
  3. The EC shall be responsible for development and implementation of programs and policies which are consistent with objectives of KCFC.
  4. The EC shall take such measures as to ensure the smooth running of KCFC.
  5. The EC in consultation with the Board shall organize at least one Mega Meet & Greet Event in a year which shall be attended by all Members of KCFC.
  6. The EC shall draw an annual plan for the running of the affairs of the association

Article 8 – Patrons

KCFC through its Executive Committee shall, with the consent of The Board, appoint Patrons to lend support and value to their efforts if they so wish

Article 9 - Formation Of Committees

The following Committees shall be established by The Executive

Sponsorship Committee:

  1. This shall comprise the Treasurer and two (2) others appointed by EC and shall be responsible for the mobilization of funds and marketing (branding and packaging) of the club.
  2. Generation of fund raising ideas both externally and internally
  3. Writing and distribution of sponsorship documents in partnership with the PRO.


Welfare Committee:

This shall comprise the Vice President as its Chairman and four other members to be appointed by the EC

  1. The Welfare Committee shall ensure the welfare of members and organize/provide representation at social activities of KCFC
  2. The Welfare Committee shall put together a Welfare Document that will determine welfare benefit packages applicable to all members.
  3. Members or their relations. Eg. marriage, funerals, visit the sick etc.
  4. It shall also perform activities as may be prescribed by a resolution of the EC or General meetings towards the welfare of members such as recreational activities etc which are not inconsistent with this Constitution.


Finance Committee:

  1. The Executive committee shall, at the beginning of each financial year, appoint a two (2) member in-house Finance Committee to ensure checks and balances of the Treasure.  This committee shall hold meetings with the treasurer quarterly to ensure the financial records conform to standards and international practices.
  2. The financial committee shall report to the Executive Committee at the end of every meeting.

Article 10 – Finances

  1. The Executive Committee shall determine the dues and levies to be paid by Members as it considers appropriate.
  2. The Executive Committee shall receive a finance report from the finance committee quarterly regarding how records are maintain and in conformity of standard practice.
  3. The accounts of KCFC shall be audited by qualified and reputable auditors, and shall be submitted together with the auditor’s report to The Board for consideration and approval.
  4. The financial year of KCFC shall be twelve calendar months beginning from the first day of March each year.
  5. The Executive Committee shall have the power to set up special funds for specific projects, and determine the conditions for withdrawal from the said funds. The Board shall be duly notified if this need arises
  6. KCFC shall open and operate banking accounts with such banks as the Executive Committee may determine with approval from the Board.
  7. The signatories to a bank account of KCFC shall be the Chairperson/President, the General Secretary, and the Treasurer, any two of whom shall be sufficient mandate for any transaction.
  8. Membership dues shall be contributed (subject to approval by EC) and accounted for by the Finance Committee for the running of the Association to be used as and when needed.

Article 11 - Electoral Officer

  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint an Electoral Officer within one year of the promulgation of this Constitution and shall duly notify The Board of the appointment.
  2. The Electoral Officer shall:
    1. Be a member in good standing
    2. Serve for a term of four (4) years and may be reappointed for further terms
    3. Be responsible for the conduct of all elections
    4. Notify the KCFC of the opening of nominations
    5. Be the source of communication on all matters relating to elections of KCFC Executives
  3. The Electoral Officer may co-opt any Member to assist in his duties.

Article 12 – Benefits & Welfare

There shall be benefits from being a member of KCFC as enlisted below:

  1. First of all, there shall be immense health benefits as a result of the regular KEEP-Fit Activities
  2. Members who opt to join the Loyalty Card Program would rip the added benefits of being a Loyalty Card Holding Member.
  3. When bereaved, a member shall be entitled to a wreath and a standardized package as will be determined by the Welfare Committee’s welfare document
  4. Benefits for bereavement shall be limited to only the immediate nuclear family
  5. When getting married, a member would be entitled to a standardized benefit package of appreciation as will be determined by the Welfare Committee’s welfare document.
  6. If both celebrants of the marriage are members, they will receive individual benefit packages

Article 13 - Election Of Officers

  1. Executive Committee members shall hold office for a term of two(2) years and may be re-elected
  2. Election of Executive Committee members shall be held at Congress and shall be by secret ballot
  3. Only members of KCFC in good standing shall be entitled to vote, propose, nominate, or support the nomination of candidates.
  4. To ensure fairness and equitable distribution of the EC membership as enshrined in this Constitution, provision shall be made for gender balance in the EC.

Article 14 - Qualification Of Candidates

A candidate for election to any position on The Committee shall:

  1. Be a member for at least a year
  2. Must have paid all dues and participated in at least two events/activities of the KCFC
  3. In the area of Treasurer and financial committee, the candidates must have an accounting background.
  4. In the area of Sponsorship Committee, the candidate must have a marketing idea or must demonstrate he can perform that role.

Article 15 - Nominations Of Candidates

  1. The nomination of a candidate shall be made by a member and shall be supported by a minimum of three members.
  2. Nominations of candidates shall open 30 days before the elections.
  3. Where at the expiration of the time prescribed for nominations, only one candidate stands for an executive position, that candidate shall be declared duly elected by the Electoral Officer.

Article 16 – Removal From Office

  1. The entire Executive Committee or a member thereof may be removed from office for gross misconduct or dereliction of duty by a vote of no confidence passed by two-thirds of members in good standing, present and voting at a the general meeting which has been duly convened specifically to consider such a motion.
  2. The Chairman of the Board shall convene a meeting within (fifty-six) 56 days after prima facie evidence has be determined  to consider a motion for a vote of no confidence in the Executive Committee or a member(s) thereof upon receipt of a petition to that effect duly signed by a minimum of twenty- five (25) members in good standing. The petitioners who signed such a petition shall be members from KCFC.
  3. The Board shall, upon receipt of a petition for the removal from office of an executive member(s) or the entire executive from office, serve the affected executive member(s) a copy of the petition for his/their removal for his/their response within (forty-eight) 48 days.
  4. Notwithstanding anything contained in this constitution, a member of the EC may by notice in writing addressed to the President resign from office.
  5. In the event that the Executive Committee members resign or are removed embolic, new elections shall be held for new officers within two calendar months.

Article 17 - Review/Amendment

Upon a motion by a member who is in good standing at a duly constituted meeting supported by two-thirds of all members present and eligible to vote and voting, an article(s) of this Constitution may be reviewed or amended provided notice of such a motion must have been duly circulated together with the notice of the meeting at least fourteen (14) clear days prior to the meeting.



  1. Notwithstanding anything in this constitution:
    1. There shall be an election for interim officers within thirty (30) days upon the adoption of this constitution
    2. They shall be taken to have been duly elected for the purpose of this constitution
    3. They shall hold office for not more than one year.
  2. The interim executives must be persons who must be KCFC members.
  3. Subject to this constitution:
    1. exercise the functions and powers provided for the EC in the constitution
    2. the interim executives shall in particular; set out dues to be paid, incorporate the association, make every effort to increase membership and open a bank account together with a mobile money account; until the Electoral Commission holds a fresh election within a year.
  4. All persons who immediately before the coming into effect of this constitution are members of the Constitution Committee, shall be deemed not qualified to hold interim positions
  5. An interim electoral commission (INEC) shall be put in place. The members of INEC shall be nominated and voted for using the most appropriate platform.
  6. Subject to this constitution, the INEC shall exercise the functions and powers provided for the Electoral Commission in the constitution.
  7. INEC shall compile a register of voters for election of interim executives and members in good standing who should have paid membership dues (as determined by the interim executive) for one(1) month before the election. The INEC shall account for all dues collected and hand over same to the interim executives
  8. Upon the adoption of this constitution, the interim executives must be informed of the legal consequences of incorporation of the association.
  9. The Interim Executives upon assumption of office may bring by a resolution, such a provision which would help the Interim Executives achieve their stewardship, provided such a measure is in accord with the constitution.

Article 18 – Remuneration

  1. Executives shall put together a committee to propose remunerations and any other financial benefits to be paid to Executive Committee and sub-committees and submitted to the board for approval. These remunerations are subject to review upon a recommendation of the Finance committee.
  2. Remuneration of auditors shall be determined by The Board in consultation with the auditing firm.